Truflight 400 "The One" -TF-400

The TF400 was the first of our mass produced units featuring a number of added benefits over existing throwers in the market place.

This trap was under design and testing for 4 years prior to production. It is an extremely versatile trap with very few restrictions, making it "The One" that clubs, resorts, or competitive individuals cannot overlook


*400 Target Hopper

*36 degree tilt to each side with the use of a simple foot pedal, adjustments in 6 degree increments.

*72 degree of elevation. This allows for adjustment on the trap from 12 degrees down to 60 degrees up. With our spring design and additional elevation at the rear of the trap, this can consistently throw a downward target at an angle of 25-30 degrees while maintaining a reliable and true flight path.

*We have 2 throwing springs, our STD Spring which throw targets up to 90 metres, and the HD Spring that throws up to 110 metres

*The use of the sweeping arm reduces the number of broken and wasted targets and enhances the quality of the target being thrown in a more direct and consistent line of flight.