Welcome to Global Clay Technologies Pty Ltd

Global Clay Technologies has been commercially manufacturing clay target throwers in Australia since 2015. After 28 years of clay target trap design Rodger Beaton has spent 4 years developing our "Truflight 400" model with a quality, performance and consistency that rivals the best in world.

The Truflight 400 (TF-400) is one of the easiest and most versatile traps to operate currently on the market.

Now with production of the Rabbit/Chondel, Battues, and Skeet machines the product keeps growing.

Manufactured in Brisbane Australia we are proudly Aussie Made. Aussie Designed. Aussie Owned.

With support and sponsorship to our supportive clubs we generously put back into the sport of which we love.

All traps include a 3 Year parts warranty.


See the video below throwing targets at 95 metres and the accuracy of the targets landing in a very close proximity. The second video was targets being thrown at a distance of 75 metres.

Keeping up with the values of the name Truflight 400.

Truflight 400

True Flight 400 has 72 degrees of elevation and 36 degrees tilt on both sides. Carousel of 400 targets. Distance of 110 metres.

Truflight rabbit/chondel

Our True Flight Rabbit/Chondel traps are now entering production. New photos to come.

Truflight Skeet Traps

The Truflight Skeet Traps are a clone of the existing TF-400 enabling interchangeable parts and easy servicing